In Apeiron, we present a new era of Defi projects and a new type of platform which changes the world of DEX projects. Apeiron aims to become the DEX that everyone uses for every chain. Currently, you have Uniswap to swap ERC20 tokens, PancakeSwap to swap BEP20 tokens and QuickSwap to swap Polygon Tokens. Imagine being able to swap from all these networks and more using one DEX. Apeiron is the multi-chain bridge we have always wanted.


Have you ever wished you could trade the latest hot crypto project on Binance Smart Chain but found out that you only have ERC20 tokens in your ETH wallet? What if there was a one button solution where you could save the time and effort of using the Binance Bridge to move and swap tokens from the ETH network to the BSC network? Apeiron DEX is an Interoperable Multichain Bridge System DEX which utilizes the Apeiron Smart Algorithm. This creates a bridge to swap tokens from one chain to another in one seamless, instant transaction. Also, Apeiron will have the lowest fees on the market with its unique lowest fee swap aggregator. 

Orphan Donation

In Apeiron project, one of our goals is to focus on orphan support. The Apeiron token team has planned to set aside 5% of every transaction that will be performed in listed centralized exchanges as well as our own decentralized exchange which will be set up, for orphans. The mentioned money will be used for facilitating these children’s lives in the host countries to which they have applied for asylum. Our perspective is to help them in issues such as food, education, finding a job, shelter, psychosocial support, medical aid and so forth. 

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