Apeiron Token

Orphan children; This term has always been said and heard by all of us. We all have seen them in the streets of big or small cities as beggars, working children, as people who have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. Their innocent faces and the looks in their eyes that always seem to be saying “help me” gets stuck in our minds. ​Aperion token aims to help these children by building a cryptocurrency ecosystem including CrossChain-DEX. Aperion token will donate and help continuously to Orphan children in different ways. 

  • Building Multi Chain Bridge System DEX

  • Building Dreamland town for Orphan Children

Be the voice of children by buying and holding Aperion Token and help us build Aperion Ecosystem for the Orphan Children  

  • Creating automatic donation process for Orphan Children

  • Building an EasyToUse, Cheap, Fast CrossChain DEX